Autonomous vehicles for Australian Army showcased by BAE Systems

AUSTRALIA. Two fully autonomous, armored vehicles were the focus of a demonstration for the Australian Army this week, providing insights into the capabilities of integrated autonomous technologies on future battlefields. The battlefield simulation demonstration was held at the Majura Training Site where the Chief of Army observed the two M113 vehicles in operation.

Photo courtesy of BAE Systems.

The autonomous technologies explored could remove soldiers from future battlefields and enable a range of other applications including intelligence gathering and logistics support. The on-board systems have been designed to comply with the rules of engagement, which require human in the decision-making loop.

With the technologies integrated into the M113 prototype, the vehicles will now be used by the Army to better understand the opportunities for autonomy on the battlefield as part of its recently released Robotics and Autonomous Systems Strategy.

The vehicles will also be used as test vehicles for technology developed by the Commonwealth’s recently announced Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre (TAS-DCRC).