Autonomous counter UAV system acquisition fast tracked by DIU

SAN DIEGO, Calif. Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) has awarded Citadel Defense an Other Transaction Authority contract to help military, government, and law enforcement agencies rapidly purchase a validated capability that protects the airspace from unwanted drones.

Photo courtesy of Citadel Defense.

Citadel's technology, called the Titan solution, prevents unauthorized unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) from entering a protected airspace by disrupting the radio-control and video signal, forcing the UAV to land before it can become a threat.

According to Citadel Defense, the system was designed to operate autonomously to allow operators to focus on impending missions with a setup time of approximately five minutes.

DIU's fast tracking of the contract award to Citadel Defense breaks the typical defense acquisition cycle and will equip warfighters with the counter-UAV capability sooner.