Australian navy's first Aegis-equipped Hobart-class destroyer concludes sea trial

ADELAIDE, Australia. Australia's navy and a team of industry partners recently completed five weeks of sea acceptance trials aboard the future HMAS Hobart, the first of Australia’s three new Aegis-equipped air warfare destroyers.

The trials were held to verify the Hobart-class platform's compatibility with the Aegis combat system, which is built by Lockheed Martin. Australia's Department of Defence worked with industry partners -- the team known as the "Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance" -- comprised of Raytheon Australia, Navantia, and ASC Shipbuilding.

Jim Sheridan, Lockheed Martin vice president of Naval Combat & Missile Defense Systems, stated: "This  is yet another significant milestone for the Commonwealth and for the Aegis combat system aboard Australia's first Hobart-class destroyer, capable of simultaneously defending against advanced air, surface, and subsurface threats."

The Aegis Weapon System is a centralized command-and-control weapons-control system designed as a total combat-management system from detection to engagement. According to Lockheed, the system enables multimission capability, network-centric warfare, cooperative engagement capability, and growth to SM-6 missile capabilities and beyond.

HMAS Hobart is the 107th ship to be fitted with the Aegis system, making Australia the sixth U.S.-allied country to receive the capability; additional nations with Aegis-equipped ships are Spain, South Korea, Norway, and Japan.