Australian army signs $6.8 million contract for nano-sized drones

WILSONVILLE, Ore. FLIR Systems has signed a $6.8 million firm-fixed-price order to deliver Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance Systems (PRSs) in support of the Australian Army. The nanodrone-sized units delivered under this contract will support platoon- and troop- level organic surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

The Black Hornet PRS, say FLIR officials, is the smallest operational drone in the world. The pocket-sized systems -- which look like helicopters in miniature -- weigh just 18 grams, or the equivalent of three sheets of paper, according to company officials. The nanodrones are equipped with day or night-vision cameras and can be operated using a device that looks a bit like a videogame controller, with an attached tablet.

Under the terms of the , FLIR will manufacture the systems in Oslo, Norway, with deliveries to begin in 2018, with deployment completed within a year.

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