Augmented reality plus UAS tech for defense, public safety, automotive shown at Xponential 2018

XPONENTIAL 2018--DENVER. Augmented-reality (AR) platform developer Edgybees -- based in Beit Herut, Israel -- is showcasing its new life-saving drone technology at the AUVSI Xponential show in Denver this week.

The Edgybees First Response suite is a group of drone applications that can be used by the military, fire and police departments, and state and local governments during operations or disasters.  According to company documents, the First Response suite contains three software tools that enhance the situational awareness of unmanned aerial system (UAS) pilots and commanders: the "First Response Air Pilot" app enables the drone pilot to access augmented reality features, map layers, markers, and SMS messaging; "Command and Control" enables the situation commanders to monitor drones, personnel, and other assets; and the "Tracker" app lets pilots and commanders track personnel and assets by integrating them into video streams and maps.

Edgybees officials state that the suite was used in 2017 to respond to dozens of emergencies, including restoring power in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, as UAS pilots and incident commanders used the applications to improve situational awareness by overlaying maps, point-of-interest markers, and the locations of moving assets -- like people -- directly into the drone video streams.

Diagram courtesy Edgybees