Army, CoreAVI collaboration resulted in FACE-complient CMS for UH-60 Blackhawk program

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama. U.S. Army officials selected Core Avionics & Industrial Inc.'s (CoreAVI) Crew Mission Station (CMS) for a Limited User Evaluation (LUE). The selection comes after a technology demonstration program for UH-60 Blackhawk aircraft.

The prototype CMS is running CoreAVI’s ArgusCore OpenGL SC 1.0.1 graphics library suite and EGL_EXT_Compositor on Intel i7 hardware with embedded HD5000 graphics displayed on Avalex’s 6” x 8” smart display. Fully integrated with Presagis’s ARINC 661 server, the CMS could be the first system evaluated by warfighters using the EGL_EXT_Compositor extension.

The system uses the Wind River VxWorks 653 Multi-core Edition on Intel and supports multiple processes within each guest OS virtual machine. The CMS is planned to be the first known implementation of the display management services as defined in Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard (TS) Edition 3.0. The FACE TS promotes portability of software through well-defined open interfaces helping reduce the time needed to add new and enhanced applications to the CMS.

The system utilizes a data model for the CMS UoPs aligned to the FACE TS 2.1 created using the TES-SAVi AWESUM FAME FACE Data Model tool suite. Developed by Tucson Embedded Systems (TES), AWESUM FAME provides advanced data model features, data model migration to the latest FACE Technical Standard Edition 3.0 and auto-generation of software, documentation, and TSS/IDL.