Army awards two contracts to Charles River Analytics for systems-faults analysis

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Intelligent-systems developer Charles River Analytics has won two follow-on contracts from the U.S. Army that will use Charles River's FIGARO probabilistic programming language to manage the energy and supply resources needed to train, move, and sustain forces and systems in military operations.

One of the efforts is named the E-MC2 project: “Under the E-MC2 effort, we are designing an energy and resource monitoring, prediction, and decision-support tool that uses probabilistic reasoning to construct and learn models of complex, real-world power equipment,” explained Alison O’Connor, a scientist at Charles River. “E-MC2’s models can notify leaders of potential upcoming energy and resource consumption issues.”

Under the terms of the other agreement, dubbed the POWERED, project, Charles River is building detailed models of power generator health and status as the Army seeks to develop modeling tools that provide diagnostic and prognostic information about backup power equipment used by troops to avoid power failures and ensure the reliability of backup power equipment in critical situations.

An Army specialist overhauls a generator. (Photo by Sgt. Margaret Taylor, U.S. Army/courtesy .)

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