ARFL calls for new advanced power generation and energy efficient technologies

WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio. Officials at the Air Force Research Laboratory Advanced Power Technology Office (APTO) is reaching out to industry innovators to enhance energy security and readiness for Air Force installations and military operations.

According to APTO Project Engineer Capt. Harold Gotwald, innovative thinking, with an eye toward efficiency and environmental impact, is critical to meeting future energy goals for the Air Force.

“What we are looking for are new and emerging ideas for advanced power generation and energy efficient technologies that can be further developed and transitioned to meet military needs,” says Gotwald. “These products should maintain a focus on energy resiliency, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability with a demonstration and evaluation to further enhance the Technology Readiness Levels of those systems.”

For more information on the project, officials published an Advanced Research Announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities website. An Advanced Research Announcement such as this differs from Broad Agency Announcements in that it provides for more advanced types of research and development. ARAs may involve special factors or requirements such as higher budget activities of R&D appropriations, non-R&D appropriations, prototyping, or system- or hardware-specific work.

This ARA, which remains open until May 2, 2023, calls for the development of “alternative energy and energy efficiency technologies to provide increased capabilities and benefits to Air Force installations, equipment, and aircraft.”

The ARA, titled “Government Requirement for Advanced Power and Energy (GRAPE),” (FA8650-18-S-5008), can be found at the Federal Business Opportunities website at: