APY-10 radar adds air-to-air surveillance mode for Indian navy P-8I aircraft

SINGAPORE. Raytheon engineers deployed delivered its APY-10 surveillance radar to Boeing for the P-8I aircraft Boeing, being designed by Boeing for the Indian navy. It is the first international version of the radar.

The provides data in all weather conditions, night and day, for anti-surface and , as well as for intelligence, , and reconnaissance () operations.

Raytheon engineers added an air-to-air mode for the Indian navy – the mode will provide airborne target detection and tracking, which enables users to detect threats in the air and at sea. An interleaved weather and surface search capability was also added to give the cockpit up-to-date weather avoidance data during surveillance missions.

The APY-10 , which is lower in weight and power consumption, also improved the average mean time between failure (MTBF) by six times over earlier radars.

Raytheon is contracted to provide eight APY-10 radars to the Indian navy.