Air Force awards $95.7 million contract for EW services

SYRACUSE, N.Y. The Air Force has awarded defense and intelligence contractor SRC, Inc. a contract worth $95.7 million contract to continue development on the Sensor Beam program.

The ongoing work on the Sensor Beam project will include expert analysis and support to four (EW) databases that will be used across the entire Department of Defense () and U.S. allied partners. The databases contain information about the characteristics of foreign, domestic, commercial, and radio frequency-emitting systems; the DoD then uses the gathered information for EW reprogramming and data-based mission planning, helping to identify and mitigate threats.

The work is set to be performed in SRC's San Antonio, Texas, with supplemental efforts in the company's Syracuse, New York; Dayton, Ohio; and Charlottesville, Virginia locations.

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