AIDEWS testing completed by ITT Exelis

CLIFTON, N.J. Extensive electromagnetic compatibility testing of the Advanced Integrated Defense Electronic Warfare Suite (AIDEWS) has been completed by ITT Exelis. The AIDEWS, tested at Edwards Air Force Base, CA, provides situational awareness to pilots, as well as defense against radar-based weapons systems such as surface-to-air and air-to-air threats.

Tested as part of the Pakistan upgrade program’s qualification process, the chamber-based evaluation of AIDEWS ensured interoperability with the aircraft’s other integrated systems. Tests on the AIDEWS pod were conducted over six weeks on multiple, simultaneously operating radio frequency systems in an F-16. Antenna patterns of the AIDEWS pod on the F-16 were measured, along with the AIDEWS jamming pod’s compatibility with the ALR-69 Warning Receiver and fire control radar.

Because testing was performed in a chamber, time and costs associated with flight verification and qualification of the (EW) system will be reduced. Based on the ALQ-211 EW system family, the AIDEWS is under contract to six nations under the F-16 Foreign Military Sales program and is already in full production.

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