AFDX software from SYSGO licensed by EADS/Airbus

MAINZ, Germany. EADS/Airbus officials licensed SYSGO to be their supplier of Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet (AFDX) software. AFDX delivers bandwidth and secure communications for avionics systems.

The standard was developed by Airbus for its new-generation airliners, starting with A380 jetliner and became a common standard for avionics networking as defined in ARINC-664. The network is based on standard 802.3 Ethernet technology components to enable reductions in overall aircraft network costs. Engineers can tailor to any aircraft’s avionics configuration while at the same time providing simultaneous emission and reception as fast as 100 Mbit/sec.

The SYSGO AFDX software is a DO-178B qualified implementation. Implementing AFDX design in software offers design possibilities that hardware solutions cannot provide, SYSGO officials say.

The portable software AFDX consists of the AFDX Node implementation and a very small footprint host driver. ICMP and SNMP run on the AFDX Node, which gains more processing time for other tasks. The AFDX Node configuration is based on a CSV text file that enables standard tools to be used for configuration editing and also eases the automated conversion of existing AFDX configurations.