5G technology to improve Army communications

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. A U.S. Army-funded project may boost 5G and mm-Wave technologies, improving military communications and sensing equipment.

Carbonics, Inc., partnered with the University of Southern California to develop a carbon nanotube technology that achieved speeds exceeding 100GHz in radio frequency applications. The achievement surpasses traditional Radio Frequency Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (RF-CMOS) technology.

The engineering challenge that comes with using carbon nanotubes as high-frequency transistor technology has been assembling the high-purity semiconducting nanotubes into densely aligned arrays and creating a working device out of the nanomaterial. Carbonics overcame this challenge.

Projections based on scaling single carbon nanotube device metrics suggest the technology could ultimately exceed the top-tier incumbent RF technology, Gallium Arsenide.

The research was published in the journalĀ Nature Electronics.