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Renice Rugged 3U 4TB 8TB LRMs storage module

Renice Technology Co., Ltd.

Conforming to the reliability design guidelines for military aircraft, Renice 3U LRMs storage module, max. capacity up to 8TB (MLC), is suitable for military aircraft. It uses Renice self-developed control chip SSD drive, to provide block-level file storage and retrieval services through the SAS interface.

It has abnormal power-down data protection function and physical self-destruction and logic self-destruction function. The entire storage module adopts wide temperature design and super-strong LDPC+BCH mixed error correction algorithm, greatly improving product reliability, and making product lifetime more than three times than that of similar products in the market. It provides 8 channels of read/write 400MB/channel transmission performance, and ultra-high performance with a sequential write speed of more than 3000MB/sec on the entire disk, internally using military isolated power supplies.

Source: Renice Technology Co., Ltd.