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OpenVPX CMOSS Hardware Development Environment

Elma Electronic

At the heart of the system is Elma’s 12-slot (12 payload and 2 power supply slots) CMOSS backplane. The backplane features high speed RF and optical I/O connectivity and supports OpenVPX slot profiles as developed in SOSA with CERDEC (the Army's Communications, Electronics, Research, Development and Engineering Center), the ONR (Office of Naval Research) and AFRL (the Air Force Research Lab). The platform includes a set of OpenVPX computer, networking and network timing modules to streamline development efforts and shorten time to deployment.

In addition to the backplane, this truly interoperable development system includes boards that meet the slot profiles defined as above:

• VPX3-1258 Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions Intel Core i7 Single Board Computer (SBC)

• TR C4x Concurrent Technologies high performance Intel Xeon SBC

• 4590a Elma / Interface Concept Ethernet switch with up to 40GigE copper and fiber ports

• Network timing card with radial support for IEEE 1588 precision timing and synchronization

• Dual high wattage 3U VPX pluggable power supply modules

• Elma Type 39 E-Frame chassis with open access for test and troubleshooting in both air and conduction cooled configurations

Source: Elma Electronic