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3U VPX 8x Lane 8 TB Flash Storage blade

PCI Systems Inc.
3U VPX 8x Lane 8 TB Flash Storage blade
3U VPX 8x Lane 8 TB Flash Storage blade
Assembly with mezzanine
Assembly with mezzanine

January 27, 2018

Sunnyvale, CA -- PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. , a leading supplier of conduction cooled systems, today announced a new line of high speed 3U VPX 8x Lane 8 TB Flash Storage blade.

The 3U VPX 8x Lane Flash Storage Card is designed to accelerate the storage system by eliminating SATA throughput limitations and connecting to the system via PCIe.

A fast PCIe x8 Gen 2 interface, used by the 8 Lane Flash Storage Slot Card, sup¬ports 5.2GB/sec sustained throughput rate and is controlled by a Marvell RAID processor.

Up to eight mSATA SSDs can be installed on the mezzanine and the assembly is conduction cooled. Different RAID levels are supported.

Currently up to 8 Terrabyte of RAW storage is provided per board.

The board is available with Amphenol Backplane Systems VITA 46 / 48 compliant VIPER™ VPX connectors. This is an extremely ruggedized 10Gbps connector, securing tomorrow’s most intensive land based, marine and avionics environmental packaging challenges.

Choice of x1, x2, x4, or x8 lane PCI Express 2.0 host interface.

Customized versions are available.

PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. develops and manufactures COTS and CUSTOM intelligent VPX Systems, Power supply, CPU and peripheral boards as well as advanced mechanical design solutions in the US and Europe for many platforms that provide precision control of robotic and automated equipment in the semiconductor, medical and industrial equipment markets as well as for ruggedized embedded OEM applications in airborne and defense applications.

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