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PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. releases the PCI_800.408, a 3U 1"pitch +28VDC IN power conditioner with SUPERCAP holdup feature

PCI Systems Inc.
Top view of hold-up PCB
Top view of hold-up PCB
Bottom view of hold-up PCB
Bottom view of hold-up PCB

January 22, 2018

Sunnyvale, CA -- PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. , a leading supplier of conduction cooled systems, today announced a new line of hold up and conditioning add-on boards forVITA62 Power Supplies.

The first module, PCI_800.408, is a 3U 1”pitch +28VDC IN power conditioner with SUPERCAP holdup feature. It protects downstream DC-DC converters against transients, low voltage conditions and power interruptions.

The module provides up to 500 milliseconds of holdup time depending on power usage. This module is built to meet MIL 810F and is conduction cooled.

- Downstream Mil-Std 704 protection

- Mil-Std 1275 compliance

- Built to meet 810F

- Vita 62 compatible

- Reverse Polarity Protection

- SMART.PSU compatible

- Wide 12VDC to 40VDC input range conditioning

- up to 500ms holdup time

- Operating: -40C to +85C at 100% load

- Storage: -55°C to +125°C

Custom versions are available for different input/output voltages.

PCI-SYSTEMS Inc. develops and manufactures COTS and CUSTOM intelligent VPX Systems, Power supply, CPU and peripheral boards as well as advanced mechanical design solutions in the US and Europe for many platforms that provide precision control of robotic and automated equipment in the semiconductor, medical and industrial equipment markets as well as for ruggedized embedded OEM applications in airborne and defense applications.

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