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Grayhill Introduces Series 20 Small Form Factor Concentric Mechanical Encoders

Series 20 Compact Mechanical Encoder
Series 20 Compact Mechanical Encoder

LaGrange, IL – Grayhill, Inc. introduces the Series 20 mechanical encoders with concentric shafts, available in a range of design and output code options to meet individual application needs. With panel or shaft seal options, and designed to meet relevant military standards, the Series 20 encoders are applicable to military, transportation, avionics, medical equipment, test and measurement equipment, and more.

The Series 20 encoders are available with four different angles of throw options for both the inner and outer shafts, determining the maximum number of positions for the encoder. They are available with either a fixed stop or continuous rotation. The Series 20 encoders combine the feel of rotary switches with a digital output, and offer an economical way of obtaining binary, gray, or quadrature code output from a rotary switch. The 20 series switch is the smallest form factor concentric shaft mechanical encoder Grayhill produces.

Key advantages include:

• Continuous rotation or fixed stop available

• Up to 25,000 life cycles

• Output code and angle of throw options

• Durable construction to meet high impact/high stop strength requirements

• Low Contact Resistance guaranteed over life

Review the Series 20 datasheet for more information on electrical specifications, mechanical and environmental ratings, and material finishes.


About Grayhill

Grayhill, Inc. is a privately held firm which designs and manufacturers intuitive human interface solutions that make life simpler, safer and more efficient. Standard products include optical and hall effect encoders, discrete and hall effect joysticks, rotary switches, keypads, and pushbuttons; all with finely tuned haptics. Grayhill specializes in creating ergonomic panels and product shells that integrate various interface technologies, including displays, our components, and gesture recognizing multi-touch technology. With headquarters in La Grange, Illinois, and multiple state-of-the-art facilities around the world, Grayhill’s team has the full engineering, product development and manufacturing expertise to deliver both standard and customized products quickly and cost-effectively. To learn more about Grayhill’s products and capabilities, visit or email

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