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High Power, Modular, & Programmable Power Supplies for 380V and 440V Input

Technology Dynamics Inc.

Bergenfield, NJ, May 26th, 2017 -Bergenfield, NJ--- Technology Dynamics Inc. unveiled two series of ruggedized power supplies rated 1500W and 3000W, intended for 440V single phase 50/60Hz input. The units are equipped with active power factor correction, and programming capabilities which allow remote settings of the output voltage and current from zero to full value by RS-232. As such, these units can be used as laboratory programmable power supplies or for bulk power (for testing DC-DC converters), ATE applications or precision programmable battery charging.

The units can optionally be ruggedized for demanding military applications which require surviving shock, vibration, wide temperature range and the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810 for stationary ground applications, surface vehicles and shipboard applications. The module measures 8” W x 13.5” L x 5” H. Standard outputs in these two families are 12V, 15V, 24V, 30V, 36V, 48V and 60V. The 1500W units also offer 120V output. A unique precision active current sharing allows all models in these two series to connect up to four units in parallel for very high current needs or future upscaling of power delivery.

The models NTDAE-1500 (1500W) and NTDAE-3000 (3000W) fill a pressing market need for high input voltage power supplies that are programmable and power factor corrected. As usage of 440V utility is gaining traction, especially in Data Centers and Shipboard applications, these two models of power supplies satisfy this market need.

Interface is by Anderson power terminals for the input and heavy duty studs for the output. Optionally circular connectors or terminal blocks can be offered for the AC input.

For further information, contact Mark Jacobus at 201-385-0500 Ext. 124 and

Prices start are $1450 for the 1500W units to $2260 for the 3000W units. Ruggedization is available as an option for additional $500 per unit.

Source: Technology Dynamics Inc.