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Troll Systems' successfully demonstrates a fully automated, Quad-Band Tactical Tracking Antenna at recent DoD/NATO event.

Troll Systems

Every year the US Army organizes exercises to demonstrate solutions and develop plans to support multinational NATO operations.

At a recent event, Troll Systems’ demonstrated the MT-300 a bidirectional, quad-band tracking antenna and Ground Control System (GCS) with (cursor on target) and two-way chat. Designed to provide long-range, video data links that automatically locate and lock on fast-moving aircraft MT antennas have been proven to maintain high-bit-rate links to as much as 315 km when paired with Troll’s airborne tracking antennas.

MT300 Quad-Band is easy to operate, automatically locating RF signals and tracking them effortlessly. A built-in dual GPS, INS aligns the tracker to within 0.5 degrees automatically. No magnetic or timely setup is required. All this leads to a system that is extremely accurate and provides exceptional long-range performance over 100 nm LOS (Line Of Sight).

The modular design of the MT300 Quad-Band makes it easy to deploy, requiring no tools for setup or tear down. Two-man setup time is less than fifteen minutes. A single cable is the only connection required for operation and all operations are controlled by a single PC application.

A wide range of proven modems (TCDLs, CDLs) and power modules can be swapped out with minimal effort as new modems and power modules become available. Its user-friendly touchscreen interface and easy to use PC software makes field operation simple and intuitive. Once the receive channel has been set, the antenna manages everything automatically, including initial signal capture, peaking of the directional antenna, and ongoing system optimization.

Combined with customer-supplied modems the MT300 Quad-Band supports two bands simultaneously, in L, S, C (C1, C2), and Ku (upper Ku, and lower). An optional fifth UHF band and third-party communications radios can be added. MT300 Quad-Band supports automatic telemetry tracking in L, S, C, and Ku bands. The antenna also features a heavy-duty, continuous rotating pedestal, universal power 100 VAC to 240 VAC, Ethernet control interface with an integrated four-port managed switch, rear-panel touch screen controller and customized PC software to control the entire system.

Source: Troll Systems