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Complete Electrical and Fiber Optical Connectivity Solutions in Subsea Systems

TE Connectivity
TE\'s HydraElectric wet-mate connector
TE\'s HydraElectric wet-mate connector

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, recently released its SEACON HydraElectric wet-mate connector. Designed, developed, tested and fully qualified in accordance with the latest industry standards, including ISO 13628-6 and API 17F SEAFOM, this connector is available in remotely operated vehicle (ROV), stab plate and manual modes. The connector’s modular construction with 4, 7 or 12 electrical circuits enables many configurations for use in electrical, signal and distribution networks in subsea control systems.

TE’s HydraElectric connector supports upcoming industry standards for subsea control system power distribution. Rugged marine systems require connectors with high speed communication capabilities and the ability to manage a range of operating currents. Qualified for both 1500 VDC and 1000 VAC pin to pin, the HydraElectric connector enables copper-based high speed Ethernet and supports the industry standards for Ethernet protocols, including CAN bus compatibility.

“The HydraElectric connector complements TE’s full product offering for the subsea oil and gas market, enabling TE customers to buy a complete solution for fiber optic, power and electrical distribution all from one technology partner.” said Bjørn Hallvard Lund, product manager of global Aerospace, Defense & Marine at TE Connectivity.

TE’s HydraElectric connector design features industry standard panel, bulkhead and stab plate interfaces allowing users to exchange, upgrade or modify existing hardware with minimum effort.

Verified for use at 4,000 meters water depth, the connector includes oil-filled dual barriers to help maintain pressure balance. The connector is also corrosion resistant without cathodic protection.

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Source: TE Connectivity