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Annapolis Micro Systems Adds Underfill Capability to Bolster Ruggedness and Security

Annapolis Micro Systems

Annapolis Micro Systems recently added a new, cutting-edge Underfill Application System to its state-of-the-art Surface Mount PCB production facility. The System is accurate to within ±0.025mm and is optimized for underfill, dam & fill, and COB encapsulation applications.

This underfill capability provides two advantages in PCB manufacturing: Ruggedness and Security. Both are important in the embedded COTS High Performance Computing market that Annapolis serves.

Underfill aids thermal ruggedness by transferring heat away from high-power chips, dulling thermal mismatching, and serving as an efficient coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) absorber.

Resistance to shock and vibration is helped by the extra rigidity provided by the heat-cured underfill, thus protecting solder joints from mechanical stress.

For product security, underfill provides the system integrity, information assurance, and anti-tamper safeguards that defense and aerospace customers require. Underfill, combined with other measures, allows Annapolis to manufacture secure COTS boards and systems that protect customer data and equipment from being copied, manipulated, or reverse engineered.

The Underfill System joins a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is USA-based. Other leading-edge automation includes MYDATA Inventory Component Towers, Jet Solder Paste Printing, Solder Paste Inspection (SPI), Universal Instruments Pick-n-Place, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), and Computerized Oven.