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Curtiss-Wright Previews First COTS Continuum Product Offerings, Announces Industry's First VITA 46 Boards


LEESBURG, VA – May 16, 2005 Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing has outlined plans for its comprehensive new switched serial fabric-based COTS Continuum (TM) product line. The newly announced COTS Continuum family of embedded boards and systems is the first to offer a full range of single board computers and multi-computing engines (DSP and FPGA-reconfigurable platforms) based on the new VITA 46 standard. In addition, Continuum will deliver compatible mezzanine modules, carrier cards, chassis and fully integrated systems. Continuum will provide system integrators with a standardized system integrator user experience and unmatched interoperability across the full range of Curtiss-Wright technologies.

COTS Continuum products based on the VITA 46 standard will include:

* VITA 46 Single Board Computer


VITA 46 Signal Processing Engine

Champ 6

VITA 46 Reconfigurable Computing Engine

Champ Fx-ii

VITA 46 Card Carrier

SVMX/DVMX-215 ExpressReach XMC/PMC Carrier and I/O Expansion Module

COTS Continuum products based on the VITA 41 standard will include:

VITA 41 Reconfigurable Computing Engine

Champ-fx V41

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