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Chassis Plans Releases Innovative Rugged Zero Client with Built-in 15.6" LCD

Chassis Plans
CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client
CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client

February 24, 2016 – San Diego, CA - Chassis Plans, a leading manufacturer of rugged industrial and military computer and display systems, is proud to release their new patent pending CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client in partnership with Dell OEM Solutions. The rugged CPZ-156T Zero Client incorporates a Dell PCoIP ASIC controller in a robust and rugged enclosure designed to support the warfighter in the harshest conditions. The CPZ-156T is a unique patent pending rugged Zero Client which includes a 15.6″ LCD and 10-point multi-touch touch screen. The unit conforms to PCoIP™ using the Teradici TERA2321 controller. Power is uniquely provided by Power over Ethernet (PoE) for single-cable operation.

The CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client follows the Army “Approved Thin Client/Zero Client Computing Reference Architecture v1” dated 14 March 2013 which is to be used for SIPRNet and NiPRNet implementations. As such, the CPZ-156T is impervious to malware, virus and other cyber-attack vectors and offers the highest levels of security. The unit is designed to be state of the art in security as there is only one connection to the device and the unit is tethered with no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to compromise security.

Designed to be a leading-edge secure information device, the CPZ-156T is designed from the beginning for security - first and foremost. With the single purpose of image decompression and decoding, the CPZ-156T Zero Client eliminates endpoint hard drives, graphic processors, operating systems, applications and security software. With no operating systems, no codecs and no software to maintain, the CPZ-156T represents the easiest to manage endpoint. Utilizing industry standard PCoIP protocol, Chassis Plans’ Rugged Zero Clients are compliant with currently available desktop zero clients but in a rugged mil-grade form factor. The CPZ-156T is ideal for deployed environments for ground, shipboard or airborne applications.

To further ensure security, the Chassis Plans’ CPZ-156T is powered through the IEEE-802.3at Power over Ethernet connection. This means a single push-pull connector is all that is required to lose all display information on the Ruggedized Client. As in all true Zero Client architectures, no information is ever contained on the CPZ-156T; it is just an encrypted rendering of the actual Virtualized Desktop (VDI) on the server.

In order to address a need for a Secure Ruggedized Data Terminal for the US Armed Forces, a system architecture was devised to provide a single connection to the CPZ-156T. This was made possible by designing ultra-low power components with a 25 Watt system power envelope. This enabled implementing the IEEE-802.3at standard which provides for Ethernet connectivity, power and human interface in a portable unit that does not require access to AC power. The moment that link is broken, there stops Ethernet activity as well as removing power from the device which requires re-authentication once the connection is re-established.

The CPZ-156T Rugged Zero Client is currently shipping. Pricing information is available from Chassis Plans. Additional information for the CPZ-156T is available at[...] or by contacting them at or calling 858-571-4330.

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Chassis Plans designs, fabricates and integrates standard and custom high-performance computing platforms and LCD displays for military, industrial, and commercial markets. Using COTS components, Chassis Plans provides solutions for customers who need reliable systems that will operate in a variety of harsh conditions and who require revision control and hardware consistency for multi-year programs. With an in-house engineering department, Chassis Plans can also design and build rapid prototypes. Chassis Plans is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that produces products domestically and has been in business in Southern California for over a decade.

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