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RFEL announces new version of award-winning ChannelCore Flex advanced Channeliser IP core

ChannelCore Flex is deployed in various COMINT applications
ChannelCore Flex is deployed in various COMINT applications
ChannelCore Flex functional block diagram
ChannelCore Flex functional block diagram

Newport, Isle of Wight, UK - RFEL will be launching the latest version of its multi-award winning, advanced Channeliser IP core, ChannelCore Flex™ at the DSEI show on booth S4-152 in the UK Pavilion at ExCel, London on 15-18 September 2015. ChannelCore Flex 3.1 has many new features that ensure it continues to provide highly versatile, state-of-the-art solutions for a wide range of demanding channelisation applications such as communications, intercept, electronic warfare, security, industrial applications, COMINT, SIGINT, sonar, radio astronomy, research and software-defined radio.

Dr Alex Kuhrt, RFEL's CEO, explained, "The secret to the many years of ChannelCore Flex's success is that the design delivers a very large number of channels -- scalable to 1000s of channels -- from a very small FPGA resource utilisation. This enables it to be the best in class solution for maximum performance with low power, size and cost. We are making the selection process even easier and risk-free by providing an Evaluation Core to customers free of charge - provided that no configuration or other customisation is required. This can be supported with MATLAB™ models if required."

To further assist customers with evaluation of ChannelCore Flex 3.1, a fully functional but time limited version is provided on RFEL's recently announced, qu-IQ™ signal processing development platform.

The new features of ChannelCore Flex include:-

Up to 4 inputs are now supported - giving improved application flexibility.

Global frequency adjustment - a front-end frequency mixer stage allows for global frequency correction on each input channel, to counter effects like Doppler, for example, to accuracies much lower than 1 Hz.

An input buffer provides flow control - supporting network sourced baseband data for example.

The input sample rate and FPGA clock rate are now decoupled - the aggregate channel sample rate limit is now a function of FPGA clock rate.

Inclusion of Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) in addition to the Finite Impulse Response (FIR) output filter stage - provides more effective filter response with reduce resource utilization.

The channels can be programmed in real-time with centre frequency, bandwidth, gain and filter response. A powerful fractional rate resampler and adjustable overall gain helps make ChannelCore Flex a unique solution.

Further data, pricing and product demonstrations are available from RFEL now.


RFEL is a UK-based technology company providing high specification signal, image and video processing solutions to government, defence, security and industrial customers. RFEL's unique, easy-to-integrate products, and proven designs, developed for a technically demanding environment, give customers a route to reliable product development at low-risk with a short time to market, to meet tomorrow's requirements today. RFEL operates with a total customer support philosophy.

RFEL's new US office, located with its partner Vingtech LLC, is at RFEL USA, 15 Morin Street, Biddeford, Maine, 04005 USA.

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Media contact: Nigel Robson, Vortex PR. +44 1481 233080

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