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New ultra-low phase noise LVPECL VCXO oscillator from Crystek provides -163 dBc/Hz noise floor

Macrovision, Inc.

Fort Myers, FL – Crystek Corporation has launched the CVPD-952, a new Ultra-Low Phase Noise LVPECL Oscillator providing a -163 dBc/Hz noise floor at 40 MHz. Compact and powerful, the CVPD-952 provides extremely low phase noise for an LVPECL oscillator, which translates to a typical phase jitter of 75 fSec (12 kHz to 20 MHz). The CVPD-952 offers a frequency range from 131 to 200 MHz.

The Crystek CVPD-952 LVPECL Oscillator, with its extremely low phase noise performance, is ideal for applications such as HD Video Broadcast equipment. Made in the U.S.A., the CVPD-952 LVPECL Oscillator is available from Crystek’s stocking distributors. For pricing details, contact Crystek Corporation.

Family datasheets are available for download at For more information,

contact sales at Crystek Corporation, 12730 Commonwealth Drive, Ft. Myers, FL 33913.

Tel: 800-237-3061 or 239-561-3311; Fax: 239-561-1025; E-mail:;


Crystek Corporation® has been providing frequency products since 1958, including quartz crystals, XOs (clock oscillators), TCXOs (temperature compensated oscillators), VCOs (voltage controlled oscillators), and VCXOs (voltage controlled crystal oscillators). Crystek operates two divisions dedicated to frequency control. Crystek Crystal is dedicated to the development and manufacture of frequency products using quartz-based resonators. Crystek Microwave develops frequency control and support products for the microwave industry.

Source: Macrovision, Inc.