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Curtiss-Wright Announces New Conduction-Cooled Rugged Version of its Popular CHAMP-FX FPGA-based DSP VME Engine

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing

LEESBURG, VA – December 13, 2006 -- Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, a leading designer and manufacturer of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) VME, VPX and CompactPCI products, has announced the availability of conduction-cooled rugged versions of its popular CHAMP-FX digital signal processor (DSP) 6U VME64x and VITA-41 engines, making this dual-FPGA board ideal for demanding signal processing applications that require survivability in harsh environments. In addition, Curtiss-Wright has qualified the high performance IP blocks included in its CHAMPtools-FX Design Kit for use over the entire Level 200 (-40°C to 85°C) temperature range, to speed and simplify the development of systems based on the CHAMP-FX.

Performance Features

Two Xilinx Virtex-II Pro Platform FPGAs (XC2VP70 - XC2VP100)

Two IBM 405 PowerPC™ processors per FPGA

512 Mbytes DDR266 SDRAM

16 Mbytes DDR II SRAM

Two PMC/XMC mezzanine sites with Processor PMC compatibility

Two independent, off-board StarFabric interfaces for system level connectivity

64 Mbytes Flash for FPGA files and processor code

Low and high temperature-qualified VHDL IP

Air-cooled and conduction-cooled versions

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