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High Density, Lighter Weight Zipper Fins Improve Heat Sink Performance

Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
High Density Zipper Fin Heat Sink from Advanced Thermal Solutions
High Density Zipper Fin Heat Sink from Advanced Thermal Solutions

Zipper fins are machined from thin sheet metal, typically aluminum or copper, and are formed into custom shapes. The sheets are designed to interlock with a very narrow space between their layers. The fin assembly is wave soldered to a metal base forming a very rigid, lightweight heat sink.

The zipper fin production process yields a lower cost heat sink than bonded fin designs. This is mainly because bonded heat sinks require more expensive tooling to manufacture. Zipper fin heat sinks can also be made in high aspect ratio fin profiles, enabling taller, thinner and more tightly packed fins for higher cooling performance.

Zipper fin sinks can be designed with integral ducts to contain and optimize cooling airflow. This improves thermal performance, particularly with active sinks that receive airflows from fans and blowers. For many of these designs, the top surface of the heat sink can also be used as a heat spreader for hot components.

Zipper fin heat sinks allow the combined use of copper and aluminum materials. In these designs, the copper base allows for optimal heat spreading while the aluminum fins ensure the heat sink will be lightweight.

With the benefits of higher performance and lighter weight, ATS zipper fin heat sinks can be used to cool LEDs, as well as hot components in telecom, datacom, military and embedded electronics industries.

More information and a video describing zipper fin heat sinks is available on the company website,, or by calling Advanced Thermal Solutions at 781-769-2800.