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LDRA Expands Compliance and Certification Services in European Markets with Aeroconseil, AKKA Technologies Group


Toulouse, France. —LDRA, the leader in standards compliance, automated software verification, source code analysis, and testing tools, is collaborating with Aeroconseil, a subsidiary of the AKKA Technologies Group and a leading aeronautical services company, to offer European-based resources to LDRA customers.

Aeroconseil works with aircraft manufacturers, system manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and major airlines worldwide to serve customers that include Airbus, Dassault Aviation, GE Aerospace, Liebherr Aerospace, Panasonic, Rockwell Collins, Air France, Air Méditerranée, and Eurofly. Through its relationship with Aeroconseil, LDRA will have European-based touch points for users of its LDRA Certification Services (LCS) and LDRA Compliance Management System (LCMS). In turn, LDRA will serve as a preferred provider for Aeroconseil customers in the Americas.

“Demand for our compliance management and certification services is growing substantially across Europe,” said Ian Hennell, LDRA Operations Director. “Our mutually beneficial relationship with such a renowned industry leader as Aeroconseil will help to ensure that our European-based customers have access to unparalleled aeronautical and aerospace knowledge and expertise in the language and with regional awareness that best suits their needs.”

LCS offers a comprehensive and fully compliant FAA and EASA certification solution. Proficient in both commercial and military airworthiness regimens, only the LCS team can address all critical project requirements related to certification, including management and planning, staff training, development, verification, production, and regulatory liaison. LCMS facilitates the solution-based services offered by LCS at a fixed price, including the Certification Roadmap and Finding of Process Compliance backed by LCS Level A Designated Engineering Representatives (DER).

“Standards compliance, quality assurance, and certification are top business and technical issues for aerospace firms, but can also be a source of significant cost and headache,” said Lionel Burgaud, Chief Operating Officer, Aeroconseil. “LCMS automates the key aspects of the compliance process, enabling us to deliver additional value to customers. LDRA’s approach to compliance and certification is an excellent fit with our expertise and services.”

Building on their relationship with Aeroconseil, LDRA is a platinum sponsor of the Certification Together International Conference (CTIC), held February 24-26, 2015 in Toulouse, France. In this capacity, LDRA will exhibit and host two technical sessions during the conference.

CTIC Technical Sessions

As a leader in DO-178C verification, LDRA plays a formative role in evolving the methodologies essential for DO-178C compliance. Led by FAA DER Steve Morton, LDRA presentations will bring practical, hands-on experience to in-depth discussions that focus on full compliance for DO-178C:

• “Compliance with New DO-178C Guidance Related to Data Coupling and Control Coupling” at 11:30am GMT, Wednesday, February 25

• “Compliance with New DO-178C Guidance Related to Object Code Verification” at 9:00am GMT, Thursday, February 26

The technical sessions will address changes in policy and practice highlighted in recent policy updates of RTCA DO-178B to DO-178C, including the Technical Supplements, to better guide the development of aircraft systems and software. As an active committee and industry group member for DO-178C, LDRA is fully aware of the far-reaching nature of these updates. LDRA is participating in this conference in order to extend industry understanding of the changes and to provide industry and regulators an opportunity to transform these new guidelines into compliance initiatives.

LDRA product information and demonstrations will be available during the Certification Together International Conference. Visit for additional information.

Upcoming Webinar

In addition, LDRA and Aeroconseil will cohost a webinar on “Achieving FAA/EASA Compliance On Time and Under Budget” April 21, 2015 at 9am GMT. Register for the webinar at:

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