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Minimize Reflections with SV Microwave's Latest Board Mount Connector Line

SV Microwave

SV Microwave is proud to introduce the latest addition to its next generation line of push-on interconnects. A complete line of board mount connectors designed to meet the industry need for high-performing, easy-to-use compact designs.

Current configurations include single-port and multiport SMP, SMPM and SMPS edge launch, board mount and thru-hole connectors, easily matable without the need for threads or wrenches.

SV Microwave’s board mount designs are ideal for high density applications, while allowing for axial and radial misalignment to compensate for tolerance stack up.

SV Microwave also offers custom PCB footprint design services, enabling the optimization of connector to PCB transitions through software simulation.

Features & Benefits

•Superior electrical performance

•Designed to accommodate radial and axial misalignment

•High density possibilities

•Customer specific development available







•High-speed Applications (10 to 40 Gbps)

Source: SV Microwave