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Aeroflex UT699E/UT700 32-bit Fault-Tolerant LEON 3FT/SPARC V8 Processor Available for Flight


NSREC, Paris, France – Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions - HiRel, an Aeroflex Holding Corp. business, announce availability of two next generation UT699E and UT700 LEON 3FT-based microprocessors. The UT699E is in production. Prototypes are available for the UT700 with production planned for the second half of 2014.

Next generation LEON family products, the LEON UT699E and UT700, migrated from 250nm CMOS to 130nm CMOS process technology. The 1.2V core UT699E operates at 100MHz and is pin-to-pin compatible with the UT699. Software developed for the UT699 is compatible with the UT699E and UT700.

Both devices have a seven-stage pipelined, high-performance, fault-tolerant SPARC V8/LEON 3FT CPU and a compliant 2.0 AMBA bus interface that integrates the LEON 3FT CPU with SpaceWire, Ethernet, memory controller, 32-bit 33MHz PCI, CANbus, and programmable interrupt peripherals

The 166 MHz UT700 is a derivative of the UT699E that has a more powerful Reed Solomon EDAC scheme, SPI port, as well as a 1553 interface to support the bus controller/remote terminal monitor functions. Reed Solomon EDAC provides fault-tolerant protection for external SDRAM. To support the additional peripherals, the UT700 has a slightly different pinout, but is offered in the same Ceramic Land Grid Array (CLGA) packages as the UT699/699E.

“Aeroflex’s customers have been pleased with the UT699 microprocessor, but required a faster, lower power and more capable solutions,” said Anthony Jordan, Vice-President, Product Marketing and Applications Engineering. “Our plan is to satisfy customer’s requests and grow the family included adding 1553, SDRAM fault-tolerant protection, and SPI, etc. We kept the same packages, the 484-CLGA and CBGA per customer requirements.”

“Aeroflex offers a LEON Expandable Application Platform (LEAP) Board, a self-contained, low-cost development platform for customers to develop UT699E and UT700 LEON software on a cost- effective platform.”

Future plans are to update the UT699 Power Calculator for the UT699E/700 by late 2015.

“The new LEON microprocessors join Aeroflex’s family of over 140 standard products,” continued Jordan. “We have a history of providing our customers the products they need – Databus, Transceivers, LVDS, SpaceWire, Memories, MSI Logic. We continue developing an assured, world class family of high-reliability processors with Aeroflex Gaisler IP at Aeroflex.”

The SMD number 5962-13237 has been assigned to the UT699E, while the UT700 SMD number is 5962-13238. Pricing is $20,500.00 with QML screening in lots of 100 for the UT699E; the UT700 is $21,600.

For Aeroflex LEON 3FT datasheets, call 1-800-645-8862 or visit our home page at

Aeroflex Microelectronic Solutions – HiRel’s Aeroflex Colorado Springs facility is a supplier of semicustom and standard VLSI circuits and custom circuit card assemblies. Aeroflex, Colorado Springs has received Qualified Manufacturer List (QML) certification for Class Q, Class T and Class V. Additionally, we have received a letter of compliance for ISO 9001 from the Defense Supply Center Columbus.

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