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SV Microwave Releases High Speed Cable Assemblies

SV Microwave

SV Microwave's high speed cable assemblies feature high frequency capabilities with small diameter push-on interfaces. These cables are primarily used for “inside the box” applications to attach I/O connectors to PCB mount connectors in MIL-AERO, Test and Instrument, and Datacom/Telecom markets.

SV Microwave produces a wide variety of both semi-rigid and flexible cable assemblies. These cable assemblies are used in a multitude of applications from simple low frequency interconnects to high power phase array antennas. By not limiting the types of cable assemblies, SV Microwave's engineering will match the specific needs to the best cable and connector choices that will fulfill the requirement while maintaining a cost effective solution.

The cable assembly types vary from simple RG cables to custom low loss 50GHz cables and connector sizes from SMPM to 7/16. With years of experience in connector design and cable assemblies, SV Microwave offers end high quality solution to both the test and interconnect markets.

Source: SV Microwave