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Curtiss-Wright Launches Enhanced Inter-Processor Communications (IPC) Software, Expands Support to More Board-level Products

Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing

Software Library Provides Stable Interface to Speed, Simplify Development of Switched Interconnect Solutions

CHAMP-AV IV Quad PowerPC 7448

CHAMP-AV III Quad PowerPC 7447

CHAMP-AV II Quad PowerPC 7410

SVME/DMV-183 Dual PowerPC 7447/7448 SBC

SVME/DMV-182 Dual PowerPC 7457 SBC

SVME/DMV-181 PowerPC 7410 SBC

IPC 1.6 Functionality

Availability of IPC 1.6 is immediate. The IPC library is priced at US $6000

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