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Pixus Technologies Offers Hard-To-Find Components for Enclosures and Plug-In Units

Pixus Technologies

Pixus Technologies, a supplier of backplane, chassis, and embedded component solutions, offers components and hardware for electronics enclosures that can be challenging to locate.

Pixus offers enclosure systems in Eurocard and commercial designs, as well as plug-in board components such as ejector handles, panels, and more. The company also individually sells subcomponents for these products. This is comprised of board-level products such as microswitches, hot-swap and latching handles, PCB covers, keying assemblies, PCB holder kits, and various gasket types. On the subrack-level, the Pixus offering includes card guides with and without ESD clips, front and rear rails in several styles, threaded inserts, vented and EMC covers, mounting flanges, and insulating strips. With a modular design, Pixus has these components in many sizes that are difficult to find.

The hardware for embedded-market components are often hit-or-miss in regards to availability. Pixus offers the popular sizes for hardware, but also many of the less-typical metric sizes. The hardware includes various tapped strips, threaded inserts, grounding/earthing terminals, and more.

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