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HighRely Synopsis of National FAA Software and Hardware Meeting Includes DO-178C Status

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HighRely Meetings On DO-178C
HighRely Meetings On DO-178C

HighRely's DERs attended and participated in the annual National FAA Hardware/Software meeting in Atlanta this week. Many advances affecting HighRely's clients and the future of avionics software and avionics hardware were revealed and discussed. These decisions affect all avionics development in the world, as the U.S., with Europe, lead the way. The next version of DO-178B, called DO-178C, is slowly nearing completion and should be released in late 2008. Many participants expect DO178C to be delayed somewhat, so expect it in 2009 or 2010 at the latest. What will DO-178C contain? D0-178C will contain more details on software modeling and the potential ability to use modeling to supplant some of the verification techniques normally required in DO-178B. DO-178C will also more fully address OO (Object Oriented) software and the conditions under which it can be used and the certification ramifications of OO in DO-178C. The FAA further revealed that DO-178C will further clarify software tools and avionics tool qualification. DO-178C may also merge DO-278. Finally, DO-178C will also elucidate the usage of formal methods in software specification and software design. Says Mr. Tony Baghai, President of HighRely, "This week's FAA meetings brought all the industry leaders together to decide tomorrow's avionics software and hardware certification issues ... today." Added Mr. Charles Soderstrom, HighRely Certification Center Manager and Level A Systems/Softare DER "This was an exciting gathering; the issues the FAA and I have been working on for years are finally culminating with real results. We're already updating HighRely's all-new DO-178B training to address DO-178C training, per this latest-and-greatest avionics information. We'll add it to HighRely's DO-254 training also." For more information, contact HighRely Inc at,, or 1.602.443.RELY

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