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RoweBots Helps The Blind See

RoweBots Research Inc.

WATERLOO, Canada — September 19, 2011 — RoweBots Inc., the leading supplier of tiny embedded Linux -compatible real-time operating systems (RTOS) products, today announced that the Unison™ Operating System (OS) is a core component in ALIVIOSTM, intelligent eyewear that brings significantly improved vision to people with eye diseases. A high definition video camera, a Texas Instruments (TI) DaVinci digital media processor and near-to-eye displays are controlled by the Unison OS to improve the performance and reduce the development cost of the intelligent eyewear.

The launch and release of Unison, Version 5.2 made this technology possible by supplying the key, high-performance software required. The Unison ultra-tiny embedded Linux-compatible RTOS opens a broad set of medical, embedded or imaging applications to Linux- and POSIX-compatible development with substantially enhanced performance on the same hardware.

“Unison provided us with improved performance and real-time response from boot, to USB image transfer, focusing, image acquisition and display.” said Kevin Rankin, CEO of eSight Corp., the developer and manufacturer of ALIVIOSTM Intelligent Eyewear. “These features will dramatically improve the ALIVIOS customer experience. Furthermore, our software development and maintenance costs will be significantly better than they were with a generic embedded Linux architecture."

Unison's open standards or Linux compatibility, ultra tiny size, zero boot time and modularity are the key features which substantially reduce system development risk, cost and time. Over 50 Unison demonstration programs run out of the box on ARM microprocessor and DaVinci digital media processor development kits in just 10 minutes. Using Unison Version 5.2, you can get instant results. Unison's newest features include:

• USB host and device I/O (

• Extensive wireless I/O ([...])

o 6loWPAN

o 802.15.4 SimpliciTI

o Bluetooth

• Enhanced networking

o TCP IPv6 with IPv4 ([...])

o SNMP v1, 2c, 3 ([...])

• NAND Flash File system ([...])

• Graphics ([...] )

• Remedy Tools

o RED Analyzer ([...])

o Bootloader ([...] )

These features take connectivity and system analysis to a new level for TI’s ARM microprocessor and DaVinci digital media processor platforms.

“The ability to replace Linux with Unison to reduce complexity, improve performance and achieve a near-zero boot time will eliminate very costly optimization and device driver redesign for many designs, ” said Juan Gonzales, worldwide DM37x DaVinci digital media processor product marketing manager, TI.

Lost time to market, customers disappointed with product quality, and missed product price points are three of the biggest problems OEM developers must overcome. Unison solves these problems using open standards and open source technology without GPL contamination. Learn more at[...].

Unison V5.2 and V4.2 are ( hosted on Windows® XP, Vista® and System7® for x86 platforms. Unison support, training and consulting for the entire portfolio is available from RoweBots.

Unison V5.2 and V4.2 are shipping, with free development and deployment offered on the open source version. Commercial licenses for the Unison RTOS with serial I/O and a file system start at $999 USD.

See the video: RoweBots Helps The Blind See

About eSight Corp.

eSight develops wearable video devices for people challenged by various degenerative eye diseases. Founded in 2006, the company leverages the latest semiconductor technology with sophisticated optics and proprietary image processing algorithms to optimize what remains of a person’s visual function. eSight’s personalized low vision glasses, “ALIVIOSTM Intelligent Eyewear”, are the most technologically advanced video device for low vision. Visit for more information.

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About RoweBots Research Inc.

RoweBots is developing the next generation of modular system on chip ultra tiny embedded Linux software for embedded OEM applications in the areas of consumer goods, clean technology, portable products, communications and robotics electronics. The company is based in Waterloo, Canada. For more information, visit the RoweBots web site