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NCSA to add MATLAB/Simulink Programming Capability to SRC's Reconfigurable Computing Systems

SRC Computers, Inc.

Colorado Springs, CO – May 10, 2006 – SRC Computers, Inc., the leader in reconfigurable computing systems, today announced that it has entered into a joint development agreement with NCSA™ (National Center for Supercomputing Applications). Under the agreement NCSA will develop software and processes that will allow programmers in the embedded systems and signal processing communities to write programs using MATLAB®/Simulink® for use on SRC's reconfigurable computing systems. The result of the collaboration will describe in detail how to utilize MATLAB/Simulink, Xilinx DSP System Generator, and the SRC Carte™ programming environment macro capability to implement Simulink fixed-point designs on SRC's reconfigurable MAP® processors.

· Powerful programming capability in a compact size – just 130 cubic inches in volume (about the size of a laptop PC)

· The ability to accommodate GPIOX boards which allow the user to access 9.6 GBytes/s of direct I/O bandwidth

· 60 M user gates

· Operates from batteries or an external 12v source

· Pentium M processor

· Provides all standard PC interfaces

· Software compatible with all other SRC products

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