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ZTEC Instruments Introduces the new ZT4620 Oscilloscopes Series

ZTEC Instruments
ZT4620 Series poised to modernize the military testing solution needs.
ZT4620 Series poised to modernize the military testing solution needs.

Albuquerque, NM, (June 15, 2010) - ZTEC Instruments (, the leader in modular oscilloscopes and waveform generators, introduced today the newest addition to their product line, the ZT4620 series of digital storage oscilloscopes. Available in VXI, CompactPCI/PXI, LXI and PCI, the ZT4620 series is designed to meet the unique system requirements of the defense industry, such as maintaining functionality and interoperability for legacy equipment, extending capabilities for new test requirements, providing assurance of supply, and ensuring product longevity. The ZT4620 series oscilloscopes/waveform digitizers meet these critical needs faced daily in the defense sector.

The ZT4620 series was developed as an updated, improvement solution for the ZT1428VXI, the original replacement for the Agilent E1428A (equivalent in form, fit and function). The ZT4620 series is engineered specifically to provide forward-thinking capability and headroom for future challenges. Improvements and new features of the new ZT4620 series include a 3X reduction in RMS noise over the ZT1428, with and a 2X increase in bandwidth. The ZT4620 series come with the Best In Test rated ZScopeTM GUI to simplify system integration and debugging. Other new features versus the ZT1428 include: FFT capability, deep and segmented multi-capture memory, more measurements, more waveform math and acquisition modes, comprehensive self-test and calibration functionality, advanced analog and digital triggering, as well as additional comprehensive drivers: IVI, C/C++, PnP (Plug and Play), LabVIEW, and COM.

This ZT4620 series includes total legacy instrument compatibility such as signal I/O, feature set, data processing, command interface, connector location, etc. For example, in order to support a legacy CASS test requirement, the 30 MHz analog filter roll-off is specified and tested to enable a CASS TPS to use a specific signal response within the filter stop-band. The ZT4620 series functionality exceeds that of the original ZT1428, and consequently the Agilent E1428A, in almost all specifications.

Key specifications for the ZT4620 series include an input of 8mVpp to 50 Vpp ranges, +/- 250 V offset adjustment; sampling rates of 10 S/s to 1 GS/s, equivalent time sampling rates of 2.5 GS/s to 100 GS/s, and a maximum capture length of up to 256M Samples.

Model Resolution Max


Bandwidth Max

Sample Rate Max

Length Channels

(Analog/Digital) Platforms


ZT4628 8 bit 500 MHz 1 GS/s 256M 2 2 2 PCI/PXI/VXI/LXI

ZT4629 8 bit 500 MHz 1 GS/s 256M - 4 4 VXI/LXI

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