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Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time released on VxWorks 653; Atego's real-time Ada development system now available to military and aerospace developers.


San Diego, USA and Cheltenham, UK – 8th March 2010. Atego, the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, modeling and development tools for complex, mission and safety-critical embedded systems and software, has announced the release of Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time for Windows targeting the Wind River VxWorks 653 multi-partition RTOS for PowerPC. This is the first release of the Aonix ObjectAda product with full Ada runtime support for the Wind River safety-critical platform.

“Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time for VxWorks 653 was developed to meet customer demand,” said James B. Gambrell, Executive Chairman at Atego. “Although Atego, formerly Aonix, has for years been providing a full safety-critical Ada product for ARINC-653 systems, to realize the full potential of multi-partition RTOSs, both full Ada runtime, and safety-certifiable Ada runtimes needed to be available. We are happy to now have satisfied this need.”

VxWorks 653 is Wind River's robust operating system for controlling complex ARINC 653 Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) systems. VxWorks 653 fully implements the latest ARINC 653 application executive (APEX) specification with a robust time and space partition scheduler. Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time runs within a VxWorks 653 partition where execution of a non-certifiable Ada application can work in cooperation with safety-critical functionality resident in other partitions. This is a significant cost advantage via reduction in the amount of Ada code that needs to endure the high cost and time associated with the rigor of certification testing and acceptance cycles. Atego’s Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time joins with Aonix ObjectAda RAVEN as one of two products now supporting the VxWorks 653 platform.

“Support for multiple levels of safety criticality is an important aspect of IMA systems,” said Adrian Larkham, Head of Critical Systems at Atego. “Aonix ObjectAda provides facilities needed for the development of Ada applications at varying levels of safety criticality within an IMA system. Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time for VxWorks 653 provides full Ada language coverage for development projects with low levels of application safety criticality. Application development at the highest level of safety criticality is covered by ObjectAda RAVEN for VxWorks 653 and its certifiable subset of Ada.”

Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time for Windows x PowerPC/VxWorks 653 consists of a fully compliant ACATS 2.5 Ada 95 compiler plus supporting tools. It is compatible with Wind River’s VxWorks 653 environment, which comprises the VxWorks 653 operating system and the VxWorks 653 cross development toolset. Aonix ObjectAda for VxWorks 653 leverages Wind River Workbench, an Eclipse-based development environment providing developers access to the broad range of tools available through the Eclipse framework. Users also have the option to utilize Aonix ObjectAda’s standard graphical or command-line interface. The Aonix ObjectAda compilation system is comprised of an integrated language-sensitive editor, source-code browser, compiler with industry-leading compilation speed, debugger and full library manager.

About the Aonix ObjectAda Family

Aonix ObjectAda is an extensive family of native and cross development tools and runtime environments. Aonix ObjectAda native products provide host development and execution support for the most popular environments including Windows, Linux and various UNIX operating systems. Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time products provide cross development tools on Windows, Linux or UNIX systems which target PowerPC and Intel target processors in support of “bare” hardware execution or in conjunction with popular RTOSs. Aonix ObjectAda RAVEN products provide a hard real-time Ada runtime to address those systems requiring certification to the highest levels of safety standards such as DO-178B Level A for flight safety.


Aonix ObjectAda Real-Time targeting the PowerPC architecture running Wind Rivers’ VxWorks 653 is immediately available.

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About Atego

AtegoTM is the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative development tools for engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical architectures, systems, software and hardware. Atego delivers a stable, robust working environment to thousands of users across an extensive range of complex applications in demanding engineering sectors such as aerospace, defense, automotive, transportation, telecommunications, electronics, and medical. Atego’s Aonix PERC® is the leading, highly reliable, real-time embedded virtual machine solution for running JavaTM programs deployed today. Atego also has the largest number of certified Ada applications (Aonix ObjectAda®) at the highest level of criticality. Atego’s standards-based modeling tool suite, Artisan Studio®, provides comprehensive support for the leading industry standards, including OMG SysML, UML and Architectural Frameworks. Atego WorkbenchTM provides a fully integrated, collaborative engineering framework for the trouble-free deployment and maintenance of best-in-class tools for mission and safety-critical systems and software development. Atego’s tools deliver on the promise of an integrated collaborative development environment - allowing architecture, systems, software and hardware engineering teams to Work as OneSM - from concept through to delivery, maintenance and support. Founded in 2010 in a merger between Artisan Software Tools and Aonix, Atego is headquartered in San Diego, CA, USA and Cheltenham, UK with offices in France, Germany and Italy, and is supported by a global distributor network. For more information visit:

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