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Aeroflex Launches Complete Solution for RF Parametric Test of Wireless Subsystems, including LTE


Aeroflex announced today the launch of the 7000 Series Vector Analyzer Generator (VAG), a single, fully integrated RF parametric test system for RF test of wireless components and subsystems. The 7000 Series combines both vector signal generation and vector signal analysis in a single box, providing an integrated approach to measurements for complex wireless standards, including LTE. The instrument features an intuitive touch-screen user interface that simplifies wireless testing. Its modular, software-defined functionality provides a flexible, “future-proof” platform for advanced wireless technologies, including LTE, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, 3G/HSPA, and WLAN.

Engineers involved in developing RF and baseband products for use in wireless broadband components and cellular handsets will appreciate the increased productivity and potential for reduced time-to-market offered by the 7000 Series VAG. These benefits will provide a particular advantage to engineers working on components and modules for LTE, because of the impending deadlines for network rollouts during the next few months.

Two signal generators can be integrated for intermodulation and other key tests

Because both signal generation and analysis are integrated into the same instrument, the 7000 Series VAG dispenses with the need to buy and operate a separate signal generator and analyzer independently, thus lowering capital expenditure and reducing test equipment inventory. The platform also supports two independent signal generators, allowing it to be used for receiver sensitivity and blocking measurements, MIMO simulation, and intermodulation testing of amplifiers, mixers, and other wireless components. The touch screen and intuitive user interface provide quick and easy access to the full range of complex measurements, speeding up test times for experienced users and also allowing novice users to quickly become proficient in performing measurements.

“The 7000 Series offers the most complete and easy-to-use test system for RF test available today,” said Bill Burrows, business development manager, Aeroflex. “It shares a common platform with our popular 7100 LTE tester, providing a seamless flow of user-generated routines from development through conformance and production testing. It is the only test platform on the market that can incorporate two independent signal generators and a vector network analyzer in a single box.”

The 7000 Series has an operating frequency range of 1MHz to 6GHz, with a 90MHz bandwidth for both generation and analysis, which together allow it to support multiple cellular and wireless broadband standards. Broader analysis bandwidths can also be addressed by intelligent “stitching” of the spectrum.

Both the built-in signal generator and the optional second generator have a typical phase noise level of 115dBc/Hz at 20kHz offset from a 2GHz carrier— equivalent to the performance of the best stand-alone signal generators. The vector signal generator includes a library of standard waveforms emulating all the popular cellular wireless standards, as well as an internal 2GB arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) with an intuitive waveform generation package that enables user-specific waveforms to be developed and played back. In addition, user-generated waveforms from Matlab and similar packages may be entered and stored on the instrument for use in the AWG.


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