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Symmetricom Announces IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster Clock for Precise Time and Frequency Measurement over Ethernet


SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 23, 2009 — Symmetricom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM), a worldwide leader in precise time and frequency technologies that accelerate the deployment and enable the management of next generation networks, today announced the XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster, a GPS referenced grandmaster clock and IEEE 1588 measurement and validation tool supporting Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Version 2. Delivering ultra-precise time and frequency synchronization over Ethernet networks, the XLi IEEE 1588 Grandmaster contains a dedicated 1588 time stamp processor and functions as an IEEE 1588 slave with the ability to measure PTP client performance by assessing time transfer accuracy across a network.

“IEEE 1588 PTP provides significant improvement in synchronization over Ethernet networks along with tremendous cost savings,” commented Ron Holm, product marketing manager at Symmetricom. “Now, with added support for PTP Version 2, our XLi IEEE 1588 Grandmaster continues to be the leading IEEE 1588 grandmaster clock in the industry. As one of the few vendors to offer a complete PTP solution, Symmetricom’s grandmaster can help aerospace and defense, test and measurement and power utility customers to be confident in the synchronization performance of their network equipment.”

Operating at 100 Base-T line speed with deep time stamp packet buffers, the XLi IEEE 1588 Grandmaster supports over fifty slave delay requests per second. Ideal for measurement purposes, the grandmaster also operates as a 1588 slave, extremely useful for network time transfer accuracy measurement involving a 1588 slave separated from the XLi Grandmaster by network elements or topology. The XLi Grandmaster can be configured with two 1588 ports, operating as two independently configured grandmasters or as a grandmaster and slave. Optional Symmetricom TimeMonitor software collects and analyzes time interval data from the XLi Grandmaster.

The XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster supports all the features and functionality of its v1 predecessor, along with additional features:

• Oscillator Options – providing stability and redundancy with OCXO, high stability OCXO and rubidium options

• Software Options and Upgradeability – providing flexibility with software options for the Network Time Server (NTP), frequency measure and programmable pulse output are all available; upgradeable in the field; XLi v1 to v2 upgradeable at the factory

• Time Code – time code input (IRIG A, B; NASA 36, IEEE 1344), IEEE 1344 time code input/output and multicode option for generating a wide range of time codes to synchronize


The XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster will be available in December 2009.

Symmetricom will be demonstrating the XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster at the Institute of Navigation (ION) GNSS 2009, September 22-25, 2009, Savannah, GA, booth #717/719. For more information on the event, visit:

For more information on the XLi IEEE 1588 PTP v2 Grandmaster, visit:[...].

About Symmetricom, Inc.

As a worldwide leader in precise time and frequency products and services, Symmetricom provides “Perfect Timing” to customers around the world. Since 1985, the company’s solutions have helped define the world’s time and frequency standards, delivering precision, reliability and efficiency to wireline and wireless networks, instrumentation and testing applications and network time management. Deployed in more than 90 countries, the company’s synchronization solutions include primary reference sources, building integrated timing supplies (BITS), GPS timing receivers, time and frequency distribution systems, network time servers and ruggedized oscillators. Symmetricom also incorporates technologies including Universal Timing Interface (UTI), Network Time Protocol (NTP), IEEE 1588 (Precision Time Protocol), and others supporting the world’s migration to Next Generation Networks (NGN). Symmetricom’s QoE video quality management solutions provide the tools necessary to accurately monitor and analyze video quality and bring higher satisfaction levels to the end user. Symmetricom is based in San Jose, Calif., with offices worldwide. For more information, visit

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