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Tech Source Announces High-Performance XMC Video Graphics Family Based on AMD E4690 GPU

Tech Source Inc.
Condor 2000x
Condor 2000x

Tech Source is a pioneer in developing graphics solutions for ATC, military and embedded applications. As an independent graphics supplier, it is not aligned with any particular SBC manufacturer and can supply COTS solutions on most platforms and operating systems, providing customers with cost-effective alternatives to many embedded system suppliers.

The Condor 2000 family boasts the latest graphics features and includes hardware acceleration of H.264 and VC-1 HD video as well as MPEG-2, enabling multiple HD video streams and freeing the CPU for other tasks. The first two products in the family are the Condor 2000x and Condor 2100x. The Condor 2000x is currently available and has digital (DVI/OpenLDI) and analog (VGA) video outputs available from the front of the card or through the rear Pn4/P16 connectors. The rear I/O can support up to 2 DVI (single or dual link) or RGB outputs. The Condor 2100x will be available later this year and also supports multiple video inputs. It can support various video input and output formats including STANAG, NTSC, PAL, RGB and DVI. The multiple input streams are displayed in independent overlays and can be positioned or sized (zoom or shrink) under software control. Ruggedized and conduction-cooled versions of both products will also be available in the second quarter of 2010.

“The ATI RadeonTM E4690 sets a new bar for embedded graphics performance,” said Richard Jaenicke, director of embedded graphics at AMD. “Blazingly fast graphics and HD video capabilities enhance the appeal of applications with the industry’s only embedded graphics chip that offers DirectX 10.1 and UVD 2.0 support, the ATI RadeonTM E4690 enables competitive advantages for AMD’s embedded customers. We are pleased to offer support to Tech Source for their embedded solutions.”

Tech Source’s breadth of experience allows it to develop graphics products that support inputs and outputs or varied formats with internal double buffering, overlays, etc. and support various operating systems and platforms. The company has the resources and engineering know how to customize products for unique and demanding applications. Tech Source distinguishes itself by offering direct access to support from the design engineers themselves, not tech support or customer service, resulting in a loyal and diverse customer base. It also offers products with long life cycles of up to 7 years and overall support for the product up to 10 years or more.

The Condor 2000x will be exhibited at AMD’s booth at ESC Boston to be held from September 21 – 24 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. AMD will be located in booth 820.

About Tech Source

Tech Source, Inc. has provided computer graphics hardware solutions to the ATC and defense markets for over 20 years. Tech Source is a subsidiary of Eizo Nanao Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of high-end display monitors. The companies offer combined expertise, cutting-edge graphics solutions, and complementary product lines for ATC, defense, and other markets.

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