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NovoDynamics Launches VERUS Asia OCR Solution


NovoDynamics, Inc, an In-Q-Tel portfolio company, today announced the launch of VERUS Asia, an innovative Asian language OCR software solution that provides support for both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean and Russian languages. VERUS Asia draws on the same powerful digital content recognition capabilities of the companys VERUS Middle East software for Middle Eastern languages, which has been lauded as the most accurate optical character recognition (OCR) in the world. VERUS is available in either a Standard or Professional version. This advanced software solution is extremely mobile, and is used as an integral part of many mission-critical solutions for defense, Intelligence, and special operations.

VERUS Asia automatically detects and cleans degraded and skewed documents, automatically identifies a page's primary language, and recognizes a page's fonts without manual intervention. In addition, it converts images of printed information into editable and searchable computer texts, automatically identifies a pages primary language, recognizes fonts without manual intervention, determines if a page contains manual or hand written text, and allows extracted information to be converted into searchable PDF files. VERUS Asia Professional also offers an application programming interface (API) that allows third-party companies to integrate its capabilities into their products and supports machine translation plug-ins that give customers the ability to automatically translate extracted information to other languages.

NovoDynamics recognizes that Asia is one of the fastest growing new markets and the need to accurately transcribe Asian is a high priority for our government customers, making it a logical enhancement for VERUS, said David Rock, NovoDynamics President and CEO. Combined with our current advanced Middle Eastern, Russian, and Latin language recognition capabilities, this new offering helps us better serve our government customers as their needs for multiple complex languages increases. VERUS Asia is now available directly through NovoDynamics or via its global network of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) partners.

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