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Chassis Plans MP3X17 Rugged Portable Computer System Provides Three 17-Inch LCD Screens

Chassis Plans
Chassis Plans MP3X17 Rugged Portable Computer w/ 3 LCD Screens
Chassis Plans MP3X17 Rugged Portable Computer w/ 3 LCD Screens
Chassis Plans Rugged Portable PC with Three 17
Chassis Plans Rugged Portable PC with Three 17" LCD Screens

San Diego, Calif. - January 13, 2009 - Chassis Plans, The Original Industrial Computer Source®, releases the MP3X17 rugged enterprise grade portable computer. This unique system provides three 17-inch SXGA 1280x1024 LCD screens with an effective total resolution of 3840x1024. This is an ideal system for flight line test and measurement systems, UAV flight control, forensics, and so forth where multiple monitors are necessary for ease of use.

The system is ruggedized with all aluminum outer construction and an inner aluminum structural frame. Rubber bumpers are provided on all eight corners to help mitigate rough handling.

Provision is made for mounting a standard ATX motherboard (9.6 x 12") with all seven card slot I/O externally accessible, as is the motherboard I/O plate. A card hold-down system assures the cards stay seated in the motherboard connectors. Power is provided by a standard PS/2 style power supply and AC and DC input supplies are available.

The right side of the system provides three hot-swap SATA drive carriers with locks and a slot fed double layer DVD-RW drive. Rugged enterprise class hard drives are provided in integrated systems. The drives can be configured in a variety of RAID configurations depending on the installed motherboard and drive controller.

Included is a detachable 87-key keyboard with a touch pad. The keyboard assembly attaches to the front of the system when the LCDs are closed to provide a single unit for transportation. Two USB ports on the right side allow use of an external track ball, joy stick or other input device.

The LCD screens are provided with an anti-glare hard coating. Options for bonded glass enhancement filters, high bright daylight enhancements, and touch screens are available. The three LCDs are driven by an internal DVI splitter allowing all three screens to operate from a single graphic card's DVI output. Optionally, each LCD can be provided with a separate DVI input if the mission software requires in independent display control for enhanced performance.

Systems are offered with domestically manufactured long life motherboards providing multi-core performance and the latest chip set support. High quality enterprise class hard drives and high performance Graphics Processing Units make the MP3X17 unparalleled in portable computer features, longevity and quality.

The MP3X17 is intended for rugged military applications where multi screen display, available high performance motherboard features, and the ability to install standard I/O cards make the application not suitable for a laptop or single display portable system.

System features include:

* Three SXGA 1280x1024 17-inch LCD screens with 3840x1024 effective total resolution

* Mounting for standard ATX motherboard

* Three hot swap SATA hard drives with RAID support

* Slot fed double layer DVD-RW drive

* Motherboard and add-in card I/O externally accessible

* Detachable 87-key keyboard with touch pad

* Standard PS/2 power supply, universal AC and DC input options

* Rugged all aluminum construction

* Two 120mm and two 60mm cooling fans

* Includes soft side wheeled carrying case with optional hard side transit case

* Options for LCD enhancements and touch screens

* Long life domestic components and revision controlled build for long program availability

* Customer defined features to enhance mission applicability

The MP3X17 is currently shipping in production quantities. For system pricing and availability, contact Chassis Plans at 858-571-4330 or email

About Chassis Plans

Chassis Plans is a recognized leader in manufacturing fully configured turn-key military grade portable and rackmount computer solutions for the industrial, rugged, and military markets. They manufacture 1U to 6U ATX and Single Board Computer systems tailored exactly to customer application requirements. They also manufacture a full line of industrial rack mount and panel mount LCD monitors and keyboard drawers.

Chassis Plans specializes in long-life product support offering unmatched in-house custom chassis design, long-life industrial motherboards and SBC's with strict revision control and material obsolescence management for trouble free program deployment. Key military customers include companies such as L3, Lockheed, and Northrop Grumman. Notable commercial customers include Siemens, Nikon, & General Electric. Chassis Plans' Systems are Engineered to Perform!™ Please visit for more information or e-mail at

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