Military Embedded Systems


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Military Embedded Systems

Technology Feature

Data-centric architectural best practices: Using DDS to integrate real-world distributed systems

Rose Wahlin RTI

More and more real-world, complex distributed systems are integrated using a Data-Centric Publish-Subscribe approach, specifically the programming model defined by the Object Management Group (OMG) known as the Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification. The DDS Publish-Subscribe approach meets many challenging requirements - supporting large-scale, high-performance, and constrained-bandwidth systems on both powerful machines and embedded platforms. DDS has been used across a wide variety of applications in the defense, robotics, transportation, medical, and financial industries. The following discussion provides a set of architectural "best practices" guidelines that should be applied when using DDS to integrate complex, real-world systems.

Radar and sonar applications find a home in CompactPCI and VPX

David Pursley Kontron

How to decide which form factor to use for a radar or sonar application? Consider the application's topology: Interconnect topologies that comprise many high-speed connections are well suited to VPX, while applications with more “well-behaved” communications are usually a good candidate for less complex technologies like CompactPCI.