HPEC Vanguard: blogging on advances in HPEC technology in the embedded COTS defense & aerospace market

Welcome to the HPEC Vanguard blog. In this blog we will we endeavor to keep you informed about developments in technology, markets, industry standards and trends related to the adoption and use of commercial High Performance Computing (HPC) technology in the rugged embedded military market.

Today, we are seeing a rapid migration and transfer of the vast, well-established commercial HPC eco-system (used in applications such as weather simulation and the infrastructure for ) for highly scalable supercomputing architectures into deployable embedded systems for military platforms. This promises a revolution in the capabilities of open-standards based system designs to enable heretofore unreachable levels of realtime image, signal and radar processing performance. We will keep you up to date on the latest advances in both software and hardware for , such as trends in leveraging HPC software standards such as OFED, and the growing use of GPGPU processors to handle the proliferating streams of sensor data on air, land and sea platforms.

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