Military Embedded Systems E-letter - December 2014
E-letter December 2014
A COTS Approach to Post-WIMP Interactive Display Systems
By Esterel Technologies
This paper presents a COTS approach to upgrading cockpit displays with a SCADE Display HMI software design solution.
SECTION: Defense Tech Wire
Mercury Systems stirs up RF world with open standard initiative
By John McHale, Editorial Director
Editorial Director John McHale discusses Mercury Systems' OpenRFM initiative that will create standard interfaces for RF boxes, making them interoperable regardless of who built them.
Special Report
Evolution of military navigation is well underway
By Sally Cole, Senior Editor
Military navigation is undergoing several significant changes - including the introduction of international satellite constellations, a transition from SAASM secure GPS to M-code, and an increasing interest in augmenting GPS with other technologies.
SECTION: Mil Tech Trends
Power supplies: Make them efficient and make them small
By Amanda Harvey, Assistant Editor
Stringent size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) requirements flavor nearly every military platform, but the most challenging letter in that acronym might well be the "P." Achieving highly efficient power supplies and power management schemes in small form factors is not easy, but new developments in VPX, solid-state solutions, and smart power management are meeting and exceeding the DoD's SWaP-C benchmarks.
Shutting out the noise: Voltage references for precision analog signal paths in space applications
By Dan Goodhew, Intersil Corp
When designers are trying to select a component in the signal path of a satellite system, it is often difficult to find a device with both the radiation tolerance and accuracy required. While it is important to consider all components in the signal path, one component is the most critical in achieving precision performance: the voltage reference.
SECTION: Sister Publication Article
VITA Technologies magazine
Digital meets RF
By Jerry Gipper, Editorial Director
In the not too distant past, computers and RF were not to be in the same room, let alone the same piece of computing equipment. Then over the years the two became friendlier as microprocessors were used to control radios and eventually led to the creation of soft radios and today's highly popular smart phone.

The SSD E-mag

The SSD E-mag analyzes advances in storage technology, including market adoption trends, utilizing the Advanced Encryption Standard for secure storage in aerospace and defense, defining solid-state technology by vertical application, and more.

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The Automotive E-mag

The second installment of the Automotive E-mag shifts into gear with features covering in-vehicle MCU consolidation, the importance of independent software for auto manufacturers, ISO 26262 and MISRA coding tools and techniques, connected car tech, and more.

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Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
High-performance 3U and 6U COTS modules from Curtiss-Wright powered by a choice of processing elements
LCR Embedded Systems
LCR Embedded Systems LSF-02 small form factor computing and communication platform
Esterel Technologies
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Intel Embedded Innovator
Shrinking Time & Cost for IoT Solutions
Innovative Integration
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TTI, Inc.
TTI stocks Ruggedized Optical Backplane Interconnects from TE Connectivity
North Atlantic Industries
75PPC1 3U cPCI SBC with Two Multi-function I/O Slots
TEWS Technologies
32 Channel M-LVDS FMC Mezzanine Module
Elma Electronic, Inc.
Integrated Rack Level Systems
ADLINK Technology
ADLINK’s Rugged SWaP-optimized 6U VPX Radar Solution
Annapolis Micro Systems
Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card
ACCES I/O Products
Rugged Mini PCI Express Isolated RS232 Serial Communication Cards with Tru-Iso™ Isolation and Extended Temperature
ALPHI Technology
Ultra-small footprint and lightweight 1553 Data Logger
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SYNOPSIS: A one-hour, live, moderated problem/solution technical webcast.

Managing SWaP in ISR Systems

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Presented by: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Curtiss-Wright, GE Intelligent Platforms, TE Connectivity

Managing Avionics Safety Certification in UAS Platforms

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Presented by: AdaCore, DDC-I, IBM
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