Military Embedded Systems E-letter - March 2014
E-letter March 2014
COTS impact on U.S. defense spending
By Rochester Electronics
Ongoing budget cuts may prompt users to extend the life of existing equipment by replacing mil-spec parts with COTS devices.
SECTION: Defense Tech Wire
Women leaders gaining more influence in defense industry
By John McHale, Editorial Director
Editorial Director John McHale discusses Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's book "Lean In," and the similarities between her philosophy and that of the four women professionals we profiled in this issue.
SECTION: Mil Tech Trends
Safety certification concerns for UAVs in national airspace
By Amanda Harvey, Assistant Editor
The transition to DO-178C continues to improve guidelines for avionics certification – however, big questions still surround the regulation of UAVs in national airspace and how industry and government will go about ensuring that these drones are safe to fly daily in the same skies as passenger aircraft.
MIL-STD-1553 IP cores challenge traditional IC implementation
By Marc Foster, Sealevel Systems
Forty years since its release, MIL-STD-1553 is evolving from traditional Integrated Circuits (ICs) to Intellectual Property (IP) cores integrated with FPGAs. The advantages of IP core implementation include cost reduction, the ability to upgrade and adapt a design over time, a smaller size footprint, and improved sourcing.
SECTION: Field Intelligence
Future cooling concepts for HPEC programs
By Charlotte Adams, GE Intelligent Platforms
In High Performance Computing (HPC) data centers, more powerful processors – with their greater heat output – are routinely accommodated by simply turning the air conditioning up a notch. However, high performance computing has now moved out of the data center and into the embedded world where cooling is not such a simple process.
SECTION: Mil Tech Insider
Intel integrated graphics in deployed defense systems
By Gregory Sikkens, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
The graphics display support built into the latest Intel Core i7 processors is now more than sufficient for providing video processing for many types of military applications. However, there are a number of cases in which an integrated Intel graphics approach won't be able to meet the requirements of a particular military system.
SECTION: Sister Publication Article
PC/104 and Small Form Factors magazine
MILCOM meetings project SFF surge, standardized PC/104 packaging possibilities
By Brandon Lewis, Assistant Managing Editor
MILCOM showed the growing Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) SFF trend as the government shifts to smaller, lower-cost electronics. Vendors at the show also discussed standardized packaging for PC/104 as a new strategy to move the ecosystem's focus to system level.
Break thermal barriers in radar and EW systems with Thermacore thermal management technologies
Rochester Electronics
Rochester Electronics Re-Introduces the LM110 Voltage Follower Series by National Semiconductor
Rugged MIL-COTS DC-DC Converters
Astronics Ballard Technology
New Aircraft Data Loaders provide flexibility in how data is stored and managed
Esterel Technologies
Production-Proven Critical Systems and Software Development Solutions
Flexible Enclosure Platform for Small Form Factor PCBs
Data Device Corporation (DDC)
Multi-Protocol Data Bus Solutions
Elma Electronic
High Performance in a Compact Package
TEWS Technologies
8 CH Async RS232/RS422/RS485 Programmable Serial Conduction Cooled XMC
Annapolis Micro Systems
Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card
Innovative Integration
The Real source of your super powers... Mini embedded computer with Kintex-7 and dual FMC Sites!
Proto Labs
Design Tips and Parts in 1 day from Proto Labs
High-Performance Solutions for Your Aerospace and Defense Designs
SECTION: Upcoming E-Casts.  An E-cast is a live webcast that may have a single or multiple vendors. E-cast events are used to educate audiences about a problem/solution, from the vendor's perspective. The presentation is typically 45 minutes in duration with a 15-minute moderated Q&A session.
SYNOPSIS: A one-hour, live, moderated problem/solution technical webcast.

Avionics Safety and Security Certification Challenges for Military Aircraft

March 20th 2:00 PM EDT
Presented by: AdaCore, Atego, DDC-I, Polarion

DIY Making sense of DIY options and relevance to embedded apps

March 25th 2:00 PM EDT
Presented by: Texas Instruments, ARM

Information Framework: The Key to reducing time, cost, and risk associated with today’s business transformation

March 26th 2:00 PM EDT
Presented by: IBM, TM Forum
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