Military Embedded Systems E-letter - May 2015
E-letter May 2015
SWaP-C - Why Your Component Partner Matters
By Sparton
Keeping soldiers connected and keeping devices powered up is critical. MEMS are helping manufacturers meet SWaP-C challenge.
Special Report
Unmanned aircraft systems enable tactical ISR
By Sally Cole, Senior Editor
The U.S. Department of Defense's fleet of unmanned aircraft systems enables tactical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) - without endangering military personnel and at a lower cost than manned aircraft.
SECTION: Field Intelligence
The promise of COM Express
By Charlotte Adams, GE Intellingent Platforms
Cost pressures continue to bedevil military programs. Years of fighting have taken a toll on equipment, while years of sequestration have made upgrading or replacing the equipment more difficult. Budget constraints require everyone involved to pay the utmost attention to life cycle costs at all levels of procurement.
SECTION: Mil Tech Insider
For COTS, small is the next big thing
By Mike Southworth, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
The aerospace and defense embedded commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) market are well ahead of the curve. We've already started to see whole new classes of small and ultra-small line-replaceable unit (LRU) offerings that are dramatically redefining the performance, power dissipation envelope, and cost savings that can be achieved with "shoebox" and even "pocket-sized" processors and Gigabit Ethernet switch and router LRUs.
SECTION: Industry Spotlight
Smaller form factors benefit electronic warfare applications
By Lance Brown, Colorado Engineering and Ching Hu, Altera
Small form factor requirements continue to drive higher-performance computing platforms in EW and other signal-processing intensive applications year after year as there is an insatiable need for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR). Airborne EW is a critical component of the military's overall EW strategy and almost all approaches desire more computational performance while reducing SWaP-C as more capabilities are added.
Ethernet: The connectivity platform of choice for UAVs
By Ronen Isaac, Milsource
Ethernet has become the connectivity platform of choice for military unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system designers. Fixed and rotary-wing UAVs are employed extensively by the military for reconnaissance, search and rescue, counterterrorism, and combat. UAVs function in missions where it is too dangerous, too difficult, or too demanding to send a pilot.
SECTION: White Papers
Choosing the Right Video Interface for Military Vision Systems
By Pleora Technologies
GigE Vision® video interfaces – the technology used to transfer data from a camera or image sensor to a mission computer or display – help designers reduce the cost and complexity of military imaging systems, while also improving usability and increasing intelligence for end-users.
SECTION: Sister Publication Article
PICMG Systems & Technology magazine
Upgrading MicroTCA.0 and AMC.2 to 40 GbE speed levels
By Justin Moll, VadaTech, Inc.
The Higher Speed Ethernet Fabrics for MicroTCA.0 and AMC.2 committee is working to bring 40 GbE to these specifications. The specification currently runs at up to 10 GbE levels per 10GBASE-KX and 10GBASE-KR. There are several pieces involved in this effort, and careful attention has been made to its effect on related specifications.

The Radar E-mag

The Radar E-mag from the editorial staff of and OpenSystems Media provides features, news, columns, and more covering radar technology, as well as hardware and software designs for radar systems in the defense, aerospace, and automotive markets.

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Next-Generation Radar Video Acquisition and Scan Conversion COTS Module
Aavid Thermalloy
Military & Aerospace cooling solutions
ATCA for Military & Aerospace White Paper, Free Download
LCR Embedded Systems
LCR Embedded Systems LSF-02 small form factor computing and communication platform
United Electronic Industries (UEI)
DNA/DNR-MIL Chassis from United Electronics Industries (UEI)
Diamond Systems
Aries PC/104-Plus SBCs with Intel E3800 Bay Trail Processor Target Rugged, I/O-Rich, High Performance Applications
We have your solution - DIN 41 612 connectors
Adapter/Carrier Cards Leverage Use of Multiple Architectures
North Atlantic Industries
The SIU31 Sensor Interface Unit uses one field-proven 3U cPCI board that can be configured with up to 3 function modules
Esterel Technologies
Production-Proven Critical Systems and Software Development Solutions
Pico Electronics
Miniature High Input Voltage DC-DC Converters
Elma Electronic
Elma SureLock Expanding PCB Card Retainers
Aerospace Optics
ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter
Data Device Corporation (DDC)
Scalable Multi-Protocol Avionics Connectivity
Annapolis Micro Systems
Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card
Innovative Integration
FMC-500 - Industry first FMC module with 14-bit 500 ADC and DAC. Download data sheets and pricing now!
Advanced Micro Peripherals
Introducing RSVP from AMP: An Exciting, New Custom Video Solution Cutting Development Time and Costs for Embedded Video Projects
Excalibur Systems
MiniPCI and MiniPCIe cards
Astronics Ballard Technology
New versatile avionics test and simulation family of products.
Proto Labs
Solving the Manufacturing Equation for Metal Parts
Intel Embedded Innovator
Maximize value from IoT data
Embedded TechCon
June 8-10 - Moscone Center, San Francisco. Co-located with DAC. Register for hands-on classes!
SECTION: Upcoming E-Casts.  An E-cast is a live webcast that may have a single or multiple vendors. E-cast events are used to educate audiences about a problem/solution, from the vendor's perspective. The presentation is typically 45 minutes in duration with a 15-minute moderated Q&A session.
SYNOPSIS: A one-hour, live, moderated problem/solution technical webcast.

Learn About the FACE Standard for Avionics Software and a Ready-to-Go COTS Platform

May 19th 1:00 PM EDT
Presented by: RTI

Managing SWaP in Military Embedded Systems

May 21st 2:00 PM EDT
Presented by: CES, Curtiss-Wright, VadaTech

Keeping it cool: solving military electronics thermal management challenges

June 11th 11:00 AM EDT
Presented by: Kontron
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