Military Embedded Systems E-letter - November 2015
E-letter November 2015
A Military, Rugged end-to end ecosystem for warfighters
By Technology Business Research, Inc.
Military operators from the battlefield to the back office are taking advantage an ecosystem of rugged computing platforms.
SECTION: Defense Tech Wire
GE embedded computing business bought by Veritas Capital
By John McHale, Editorial Director
Rumors were flying last week, but the official announcement that GE was selling its embedded computing business - which falls under GE Energy Management's Intelligent Platforms subdivision - to venture capital firm Veritas Capital in New York City didn't hit the wires till yesterday.
SECTION: Field Intelligence
Cool power sensation
By Charlotte Adams, GE Intelligent Platforms
Sensor platforms are proliferating around the edges of the network in both the civilian and the military spheres. For examples, think of the remote devices on buses, trucks, and oil rigs that are monitored via the IoT or the unmanned surveillance nodes in the network-centered warfare infrastructure. To be effective, these "edge" devices need to be as self-sufficient as possible, not just in processing capability but also in energy use.
SECTION: Mil Tech Insider
Trusted boot in COTS computing
By Michael Slonosky, Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
Military and aerospace system architects and integrators are faced with new challenges as customers implement increasing requirements for safety- and security-critical applications. Military and aerospace embedded computing applications now need to provide both high-assurance computing focused on ensuring overall mission safety along with high availability to safeguard the integrity, confidentiality, and security of the data.
SECTION: Mil Tech Trends
SDR security and shared spectrum challenges
By Mariana Iriarte, Associate Editor
At a time when the commercial market is clamoring to infringe on the allocated military spectrum, the military faces challenges to provide secure communications for its missions - creating a new challenge for designers of software-defined radio (SDR) technology.
Predictive analytics and the industrial IoT: Thinking about military adoption
By Todd Stiefler, GE Intelligent Platforms
The amount of attention being paid to the "Industrial Internet" or Internet of Things (IoT) has spiked dramatically over the past year or two. While some of this is clearly natural hype over a "new new thing," it is also true that the combination of brilliant machines, ubiquitous connectivity, and powerful analytics carries truly transformative potential.
Software-defined radio is key to seamless and effective military communication
By Stephanie Chiao, Per Vices Corporation
To be ready for modern warfare, military communication on the battlefield needs to be interoperable, adaptable, and fast. Software-defined radio (SDR) is the solution that makes seamless communication on the battlefield possible.
Wide-range DC-DC converters power military electronics
By Steve Butler, VPT, Inc.
Advanced power-conversion topologies achieve both wide input voltage range and high efficiency, enabling modular DC-DC converters to satisfy military power bus requirements and simplify power electronic-system design.
SECTION: Industry Spotlight
Is space in the future for VNX?
By Bill Ripley and Wayne McGee, Creative Electronics Systems (CES)
VPX technology was fine-tuned for use in space by the SpaceVPX (VITA-78) Working Group. Now the lessons learned from this exercise are being applied to VNX, the small form factor variant of VPX.
SECTION: Sister Publication Article
Pentair and Pigeon Point - A match made in modular standards heaven?
By Brandon Lewis, Assistant Managing Editor, PICMG Systems & Technology
In this QandA with Volker Haag, Vice President of Product Management, Pentair Electronics Protection, and Mark Overgaard, Founder and CTO of Pigeon Point Systems, the two provide background on the deal, explain how the PPS portfolio helps augment Pentair's existing offerings, and shed light on the implications of the union for the standards-based development community.
Add Assured PNT Hub Capabilities to Ground Vehicle Upgrades
Aavid Thermalloy
Military & Aerospace cooling solutions
Innovative Integration
New Single Board computer with HPC FMC IO Sites
Combines Zynq Z7045 SoC with FMC IO module in a compact, stand alone design
Download data sheets and pricing now!
Rugged MIL-COTS DC-DC Converters
Esterel Technologies
Production-Proven Critical Systems and Software Development Solutions
North Atlantic Industries
3U cPCI Freescale™ Power PC-based Single Board Computer can be configured with up to two NAI Intelligent I/O and communications function modules – with more than 40 different modules to choose from
Technologic Systems
TS-7250-V2: Extensible PC/104 embedded system with customizable features and built to endure industrial temps. Price starts at $165 (Qty 100).
Pixus Technologies
Finding the Best Value for OpenVPX
Pico Electronics
New AVP/AVN Series of Miniature DC-DC Converters from Pico Electronics
Elma Electronic
Rugged Mission System with High Capacity NAS Array
Applied Avionics
ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter
Extreme Engineering Solutions' XCalibur4643 is an Intel® Xeon® D Processor-Based 6U VPX Module with Quad 10GbE, Dual XMC/PMC Sites, and Onboard FPGA
Advanced Micro Peripherals
New H.264 video streamer/recorder board is intelligent, standalone and rugged
Excalibur Systems
PC/104-Plus for Avionics
Annapolis Micro Systems
Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card
GE Intelligent Platforms
NETernity™ GBX411 fully managed 3U VPX rugged Ethernet Switch with industry-leading flexibility, switch management software and high performance
Data Device Corporation (DDC)
Rugged Avionics Interface Computer...
Seamless, Onboard & Remote Multi-Protocol Connectivity

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