VP880 Advanced Signal Processing FPGA Card for Electronic Warfare Applications

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Next generation systems require more bandwidth and more processing capability at lower power and size. The VP880 helps customers meet these often-conflicting requirements on an open COTS platform, and delivers the performance, flexibility and rugged reliability that enable them to overcome their most demanding application challenges.

The VP880 is a rugged high-performance FPGA based signal processing board featuring Xilinx® Ultrascale™ and Zynq® Ultrascale+™ technology. It is ideal for mission critical military/defense applications such as electronic warfare/DRFM, radar/sonar , satellite communications systems, multi-channel digital transmission/reception and advanced digital beamforming.

Configurable serial interface options, as well as a variety of FPGA densities, provide customers the flexibility to select the device size and family that best fits their application, technical and cost requirements without the expense, risk and time associated with custom board development.

In line with Abaco’s commitment to maximizing return on customer investment and minimizing long term cost of ownership, the VP880 mitigates the impact of for existing or future customers by allowing for rapid migration to future FPGA devices, while its adherence to industry standards assures both flexibility and longevity.

The VP880 offers unsurpassed I/O flexibility through its support for Abaco’s extensive range of FMC and FMC+ cards as well as third party cards.

Responding to the customer requirement for IP security, the VP880 is capable of advanced encrypted bit streams and secure boot capability, enabled by Xilinx tools.

Additionally, a fully-featured open board support package (BSP) is available with the VP880 to reduce the risk, effort and time involved in program integration.

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