VP430 3U VPX Direct RF Processing System Xilinx Zync Ultrascale+ RFSOC

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VP430VP430 3U Direct RF Processing System Xilinx Zync Ultrascale+ RFSOC

The VP430 is a 3U VPX RF processing system featuring the transformational Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ RF system-on-chip technology (RFSoC). The ZU27DR device used on the VP430 includes eight integrated ADCs at 4GSPS, eight DACs at 6.4GSPS, a user-programmable fabric, and Zynq ARM processing subsystem.

Reduce RF Signal Chain Complexity

Multiple channel RF systems suffer from a cost- and complexity challenge. More channels means more expensive and large RF signal up/down conversion and . As a solution, the VP430 enables direct RF sampling which can be implemented in the digital domain, bringing greater flexibility to the chain. Additionally, simplified integration with RF sampling devices removes the complexity of JESD204B interfaces.

Maximize Input/Output Channel Density

The VP430 is one of the densest 3U VPX FPGA carrier boards available with the ability to synchronize all 16 channels and multiple boards for even larger system applications. In previous generations of technology, this combination would have required four times as many boards.

Heterogeneous processing capability

Many RF and signal processing systems require both a streaming with an FPGA and a general purpose processor for decisions and control. Previously, these processing requirements were handled by separate modules. With the VP430, it is possible to get both functions in a single module by leveraging the RFSoC technology.

Offload Data More Efficiently

The VP430 has a traditional VPX data plane interface, allowing a x8 PCIe™ Gen3 connection to a host computer. With eight ADCs sampling over 4GSPS with two bytes per sample, the PCIe Gen 3 high speed data connection is too slow for a direct transfer. To overcome this challenge, the VP430 includes – in addition to the PCIe Gen3 data plane – an optional 8-channel .4 fiber optic interface for transfers up to 12 GB/s.



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