Ultra-Low Latency DRFM-Optimized Mezzanine Cards

Annapolis Micro Systems

These ultra-low latency mezzanine cards are specifically designed for DRFM applications with latency as low as 15ns from SMA to SMA.

Ultra-Low Latency DRFM-Optimized Mezzanine Cards have been designed from the ground up for latency-sensitive DRFM applications. The Board Support Interface, which is available in or Open Project Builder™, was designed from the beginning to be suited for DRFM applications. This interface provides a Digital Bypass Mode to achieve the lowest possible latency and a Fabric Space Mode to allow the user to do additional processing and manipulation of the data before returning it out the . The Fabric Space Mode adds as little as 8ns of latency. The Board Support Interface also includes a built-in Bypass Delay. This allows the user to “walk” the latency out from the minimum Digital Bypass Mode latency to slightly beyond the Fabric Space Latency, providing for a smooth latency transition between the two modes.

Open Project Builder™, Annapolis’ FPGA Design Tool, allows the user to design a DRFM-optimized application in minutes.


  • Single or Dual Channel available running at up to 5GSps each
  • Ultra-Low latency from ADC SMA input to DAC SMA output
    • Digital Bypass Mode (SMA-to-SMA): as low as 15ns
    • Fabric Space Mode (SMA-to-SMA): as low as 23ns
  • Digital Bypass Mode has built-in run-time adjustable delay providing additional delay from 0ns up to 124 Sclk periods
  • Support for a variety of WILDSTAR™ mainboards
  • Firmware and Software Board Support Interface provided in Open Project Builder
  • Converter channels can be synchronized

Founded in 1982, Annapolis Micro Systems (AMS) is the leader in FPGA-based super-high-performance systems utilized for applications for defense and commercial requirements.

AMS systems are truly COTS-based due to the development of a breakthrough product line – WILDSTAR™ – and ecosystem – WILD40™ – that feature unprecedented interoperability, scalability, and forward/backward compatibility.

All AMS products are engineered and manufactured under one roof in the United States. This co-location of engineering and manufacturing allows for better quality control and production flexibility, and significantly more aggressive delivery schedules.

Time to market is also accelerated by AMS’s Open Project Builder™, an open application development tool that significantly simplifies and speeds programming.

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